We have been getting used to our third UAV the new Mavic Pro. It really is a great little drone that we can use on smaller projects and tasks. Although for most photography projects we will continue to use the Inspire’s due to their better camera and selection of lenses (we now have zoom lenses for the Inspire 1 Pro).

The Mavic can shoot 4K video just like the Inspire’s and produces great results. With its 12MP camera and light weight (less than 750grams) we will be able to carry it around with us and being less intrusive than the larger drones it will be a useful addition to our equipment. We will have some sample images soon.

Remember if you want any aerial photography or video for your business you need to ensure that you use registered commercial UAV companies that have relevant insurance and have CAA accreditation. You are legally responsible in ensuring that you only use CAA approved companies for aerial work and yes we are fully complaint and offer aerial services across Leicester and the surrounding counties.