There has been a tremendous amount of bad publicity on drones and for understandable reasons. We see aerial video on a weekly basis that has been made with no regard to the safety of the public or their property. We take every project very seriously with a full risk assessment and survey.

We also have £5m public liability and our CAA ‘permission to fly’ commercially within the UK. We also notify local police of our flights, ATC if appropriate, and work with smaller airports in ensuring we work together in keeping everyone safe. For instance this last week we have flown five aerial shoots, one of them in Norfolk was only 500m from a busy parachute centre with planes taking off frequently and parachutists dropping metres from where I wished to fly. After talking to them and the pilot we were given a ‘timeslot’ from 07:30-08:15 to get the shots and telephone confirmation that we had finished. It all went well but we have to adhere to the rules and let relevant bodies know where we are and what we want to do.

Another task yesterday was far easier, shooting aerial video for a band’s promo video (which I cannot discuss at the moment) which was in a middle of a field miles from anywhere. The main concern where was flying close to people so discussing the aspects of it with them was the first priority.

We have also been members of DroneSafe for over a year, we feel this body educates the public, as well as clients being able to check our credentials easily. With our aerial service bookings increasing we want to ensure clients that our first priority is safety – with of course first class results.