Photography has changed completely from when we started. The days of 35mm film and waiting for the images to appear back in the post or via a darkroom have long gone.  We still shoot with film and have kept our old cameras and although we do not use them for our commercial work there is still something about using film that’s enjoyable. Whether it’s the wait for the developed images or being extremely careful in framing your shot because you only have a few shots left in the film!

We know that digital has allowed us greater control, freedom and flexibility and with the advent of mobile phones everyone can now take high resolution images with the minimum of effort. I took some shots with my mobile phone whilst in Switzerland last year which are now printed and hanging in my house – they look great. To be honest lugging around our DSLR’s is not something I want to do on holiday so I take smaller kit. Usually my Canon G16, a sports cam and the phone.

So for work we use a full frame Canon 5D MKII, a Canon 7D plus a 50D for all our 360° imagery. We have a selection of primes and zooms for these and they are purely used for our commercial work. Our ‘main drone’ has a X5 camera which takes four-third lenses and we decided to buy a Olympus OMD E5 mark II so we could use the lenses on a ‘normal’ camera. We have been really impressed with it – so much so it is now being used on shoots where its extra flexibility and stabilisation has been a real advantage. For our work mostly web and small print it is more than adequate of producing fantastic images with good lenses. In fact as its so small I will be taking this on holidays!

At the end of the day though remember that taking great images does not rely on expensive equipment, I have seen fantastic images taken on phones and starter DSLR’s with kit lenses.  Learn to use these first before splashing out on expensive gear and remember that some of the best images ever taken were on film.