Winter is a bad time for flying drones. The weather can be inclement and the batteries do not like the cold at all. We still complete aerial work but we stick to short flights and keep the batteries warm.

It is a good time for maintenance and we have just upgraded the firmware and we will be checking the hardware in the next couple of days. We also are upgrading the older Inspire 1 with new props and fixing kit so it can also carry the X5 camera. As well as a backup it will also be able to use the two new lenses we have on order, an Olympus 45mm and a 14-42mm Olympus Zoom lens that will enable us to get great new images and the ability to ‘zoom’ will really help on projects.

Finally we should have our Mavic Pro drone in the next few weeks, as well as being far smaller and lighter it will be useful for certain projects as well as interiors. If your looking for professional results and first class service please give us a call.