As with many businesses the first half of the year especially from Feb to May have been very difficult. We have many clients who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and we have helped them wherever possible in these difficult times. Many of our booked VR tours and photography projects were either understandably cancelled or put back.

Thankfully in the last few weeks we have seen the beginnings of a recovery with many enquiries and renewed interest in having a 360 tour completed and/or aerial photography. Because of the social distancing measures our 360 tours are proving to be popular as it allows potential clients to view businesses and properties without actually being at the location and can give them a real idea on what they have to offer.

We expect to see growing business over the next few months although we feel it will be sometime before we get back to normality.

We have a great view of Leicester below with an aerial 360 panorama which we completed for a client as part of a 360 tour. You can view the full screen version here.