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Photography and Video from our Drones

Unique Aerial Viewpoints with Fantastic Photography and Video

LeicesterPhoto have been completing aerial photography and video since 2015 using our selection of professional drones.

Our UAVs (or drones) give a whole new perspective to photographic projects and we can produce fantastic images that are impossible by any other means. We have real experience in flying our UAV’s safely and meet all the standards required by the Civil Aviation Authority with our ‘permission to complete’ commercial work in the UK and we are fully insured.

As we are a full-time professional photographic company with many years experience we really know how to get the best from our drones in supplying first class aerial video and photography in Leicester and across the UK.

Aerial Video

Add interest to your digital content by having aerial images or video of your project or business. These give clients a ‘birds-eye’ view which can really add impact to your online presence. We can shoot upto 4K resolution using our drones.

Tell Your Story

Because of our knowledge of photography and video we know how to get the best out of our drones. Having many years experience in this sector really helps. Many clients use us because of our other skills in producing specialist photograph and 360° tours.

Responsible Flying

Drones need a measure of respect and for any commercial work relevant qualifications and insurance plus permission from the CAA is required. This involves the ‘pilot’ obtaining a relevant qualification (in our case BNUC-s) and passing theory and practical exams. We also have to hold specialist insurance. We have been flying drones since 2014 and have a wealth of experience to get the best from this exciting medium.


We can use our UAVs for a variety of roles from completing work for venues and large estates to completing inspection of buildings and churches. We can produce Hi-Res static images and/or 4K video for your project.

  • Property Aerial Work
  • Venues and Parks
  • Agricultural Surveys
  • Film and Video Production
  • Events such as weddings

We have a website purely for our aerial work – use the link to see more information

Digital Agencies

If you are a digital agency looking for imagery for your clients then you are in safe hands. We work with many digital agencies in supplying imagery to their clients either as a ‘white label’ service or through LeicesterPhoto itself. We cover the whole of the UK and have trusted professional photographers who we can call on for large scale projects and roll-outs – all managed by us.

Aerial 360° Panorama

Launching in Spring 2019 we have our new aerial 360° panoramas which we can add to our 360° virtual tour solution to give your business even greater fantastic looking imagery. We have a beta version which you can view and the final product will be ready in April 2019. We already have several clients booked for this new service.

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