Over the last week or so we have noticed a few of our older clients Google streetview 360° tours have gone ‘missing’ and they return a ‘black screen’. Their 360° tour has also been removed from Google Maps and their ‘Google My Business listing’.

If you had your tour with LeicesterPhoto then no need to panic. We were one of the first companies approached by Google to start this project (and the first in Leicester) and have been a ‘Google Trusted Photographer’ since 2012. We  can re-instate your missing tour free of charge with minimum fuss – although it does take a few days. However you may want to update your tour as I expect many things have changed in the last few years so call us for a low price for a re-shoot.

If your tour is missing and it was not completed by us, I’m afraid we cannot help so you would either need to contact the original provider (if still around) or have your business completed again by us quickly and to the highest quality from £245+VAT.

Thankfully  we store all tours since 2015 ‘ready to go’, so should this happen in the future we can re-publish at the press of a button!

Please note this does not affect our bespoke 360° solutions.